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Thursday, October 28, 2004

High on chocolate cake from coles

Here I am in G25 with Alison when she so dramatically killed my self esteem by telling me that all those who applied for the Autism intervention program got in, so its got nothing to do with me being special. Cow.
I think she and I have a reputation for like being ummm...sexually frustrated because everytime we're in here together, we always get questioned about our obsession with porno sites. Not that we frequently visit porno sites, but you know, Alison and here 'interracial' experience on google has earned ua a reputation for being sexually curious teenage girls. Oh well, I think that that just applies to Alison, because she's the teenager out of the both of us. Hehehe. Now I feel bad because I'm being mean to her.

Alison...such a sweet angelic little cupcake...can't you just see the twinkle in her left eye. Awwww....what a sweetie...

We just came from a 311 tute/party and she was proud to see me eat chocolate cake. Now I feel funny, and yuck. I don't think I can study, after eating chocolate mud cake for breakfast...

Anyway, really nervous about developmental exam. I would much rather be in Kevin Durkin's course where you quote Mike Anderson "...learn about dating girls in cars and tatooing your ears..."

But hey, we'll all end up fine in the end. We're all gonna bring home the bacon!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

I have lost my blogg virginity

Here I am in G25, supposedly doing my 313 assignment, and Alison being the bad influence that she is, has coerced me into doing a blogg.

This is rather exciting actually, I have no friends who know about this site, but I aim to beat Alison in her hug count, once I download it. Technology these days.

Four bean mix is cool. Don't knock it.